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Friday, March 12, 2010

dangerous !!!

“Kandungan Berbahaya Dalam Rokok (Fakta) Setiap batang rokok yang dinyalakan akan mengeluarkan lebih 4 000 bahan kimia beracun yang membahayakan dan boleh membawa maut. Dengan ini setiap sedutan itu menyerupai satu sedutan maut. Di antara kandungan asap rokok termasuklah bahan radioaktif (polonium-201) dan bahan-bahan yang digunakan di dalam cat (acetone), pencuci lantai (ammonia), ubat gegat (naphthalene), racun serangga (DDT), racun anai-anai (arsenic), gas beracun (hydrogen cyanide) yang digunakan di "kamar gas maut" bagi pesalah yang menjalani hukuman mati, dan banyak lagi. Bagaimanapun, racun paling penting adalah Tar, Nikotin dan Karbon Monoksida.”
            The findings show that the majority of smokers are cognizant of the dangers of inhaling the poisons and toxins that make their health and those around them become worse, and they either don't care or are so addicted to tobacco, that they are willing to do anything about it. Smoking can cause diminished sense of smell and taste, frequent colds, premature and more abundant face wrinkles, stroke, heart disease, increased blood pressure, reduced flow of oxygen to the brain, cancers of the; mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, lungs, pancreas, and tongue, among other things.
Actually you can find it at the own cigarette box/carton which state the impact of smoke.
Thesis statement: There are a lot of bad effects appears from the smoking habits that  would affluence everyone.
The smoking habits among our citizen are burdening and wastage of money obviously.
·         Sometimes nonsmokers feel the pain in their wallet as well. As a nation our taxes pay the high costs of medical care for smoking related diseases through Medicare and   Medicaid, and through other supplemental health care programs. Hundreds of worker hours are lost due to smoking…..
·         Many businesses need to provide a special area for smokers... Keeping that area up to code can be costly…
·         For example, teens willing to borrow from friends and begin to steal.
Smokes are absolutely making people easily to have serious illness.
·         Smoking during pregnant greatly increase the risk of miscarriage, and low birth weight in babies. Smoking during pregnancy passes nicotine and carbon monoxide to the baby through the placenta...
·         Those who are nonsmokers or secondhand smoker, and live with someone who smokes have a 20 percent greater chance of death from coronary heart disease. It is refers to those who are breathe the same air or they are also placing the lives.
·         For teens, some of the less serious health problems associated with smoking includes respiratory, addiction to nicotine, and the risk of other drug use.
People who use tobacco tend to develop a tolerance to the effects of the nicotine in the tobacco very quickly.    
·         They need to smoke more and more in order to get the same effect…
·         With repeated use of tobacco, the risk of dependence on nicotine is high. Dependence on nicotine can be physiological, psychological or both…
·         This may be why smoking is sometimes referred to as the most difficult drug to give up. ..